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The European dairy alternative market was valued at $1,353.2 million in 2013, to grow at a CAGR of 9.0% and reach $2,082.1 million by the end of 2018. It constitutes 21.2% of the global market.



Along with market data, you can also customize MMM offerings that are in keeping with your company’s specific needs. Customize your report on the European dairy alternative market to get an insight into all-inclusive industry standards and a deep-dive analysis of the following considerations:

Emerging Trends

  • 与乳品产品中使用的其他添加剂相关的过敏和健康问题及其对乳品替代市场的影响
  • A country-level analysis and its suitability for the production of a particular type of dairy alternatives

Industry Analysis

  • Study of organic claims made by key players such as Blue Diamond Growers and Earth’s Own Food Company, which are increasing the market value of dairy alternatives in this region
  • Comprehensive study of the health issues faced by consumers due to intake of chemical products such as pesticides and insecticides used in dairy alternatives

Product Type Offerings

  • 广泛比较在国家和子段级别映射的每个公司的产品组合
  • 国家明智的植物乳制品替代品,如杏仁牛奶,豆浆和米牛奶
  • Analysis of potential applications of dairy alternatives in end-use products


  • 分析定价趋势和分销渠道
  • F&B manufacturers’ agreement with packagers, transporters, and logistics to improve storage and distribution of dairy alternatives in the North American region
  • Analysis of supply chain optimization by manufacturers to minimize the total operational cost

Competitive Advantage

  • Arriving at a competitive benchmarking by taking into account the top industry players in the same category
  • Identification of the new products, concepts, and service innovations that are driving the market
  • Analysis of the rapidly growing nutrition and supplements application which can expand the market

Audience for This Report

  • European dairy alternative companies

1 Introduction
1.3 Market Definition and Scope of the study
1.3.1 Market Definition
1.3.3 Markets Covered
1.4 Stakeholders
1.5 Research Methodology
1.5.1 Secondary sources
1.5.2 Primary Sources
1.5.3 Market estimation methodology (Top-down, bottom-up, data triangulation.)
1.5.4 Macro indicators for the study
1.6 Assumptions
1.7 List of Acronyms

2 Market Overview

3 Dairy Alternative-Europe, By Types
3.1 Split By Geography
3.1乳制品替代 - 英国类型
3.1乳制品替代 - 西班牙类型
3.1 Dairy Alternative-Germany by Types
3.1 Dairy Alternative-France by Types
3.1 Dairy Alternative-Italy by Types
3.2 Almond Milk-Europe
3.2.1杏仁牛奶 - 由宏观指示者杏仁牛奶人口投影 - 欧洲
3.2.2 Almond Milk-Europe, By SalesChannels Almond Milk-Europe-Hyper-markets & Supermarkets杏仁牛奶 - 欧洲健康食品店 Almond Milk-Europe-Pharmacy Almond Milk-Europe-Convenience Stores杏仁牛奶 - 其他分销渠道
3.2.3 Almond Milk-Europe, By Geographies Almond Milk-France Almond Milk-United Kingdom杏仁牛奶德国 Almond Milk-Italy Almond Milk-Spain
3.3 Coconut Milk-Europe
3.3.1椰子牛奶,由宏观定值 Coconut Milk-Population Projection-Europe
3.3.2 Coconut Milk-Europe, By SalesChannels椰子牛奶 - 超市和超市 Coconut Milk-Europe-Health food stores椰子牛奶 - 药房 Coconut Milk-Europe-Convenience Stores Coconut Milk-Europe-Other Distribution Channel
3.3.3 Coconut Milk-Europe, By Geographies椰奶 - 法国 Coconut Milk-United Kingdom椰子牛奶德国 Coconut Milk-Italy Coconut Milk-Spain
3.4 Other Dairy Alternatives-Europe
3.4.1 Other Dairy Alternatives-Europe, By MacroIndicators Other Dairy Alternatives-Population Projection-Europe
3.4.2 Other Dairy Alternatives-Europe, By SalesChannels其他乳品替代品 - 欧洲 - 超级市场和超市 Other Dairy Alternatives-Europe-Health food stores Other Dairy Alternatives-Europe-Pharmacy Other Dairy Alternatives-Europe-Convenience Stores其他乳业替代品 - 欧洲 - 其他分销渠道
3.4.3 Other Dairy Alternatives-Europe, By Geographies其他乳制品替代品 - 意大利 Other Dairy Alternatives-Spain Other Dairy Alternatives-United Kingdom Other Dairy Alternatives-France其他乳制品德国德国
3.5 Rice Milk-Europe
3.5.1 Rice Milk-Europe, By MacroIndicators Rice Milk-Population Projection-Europe
3.5.2 Rice Milk-Europe, By SalesChannels Rice Milk-Europe-Hyper-markets & Supermarkets Rice Milk-Europe-Health food stores Rice Milk-Europe-Pharmacy Rice Milk-Europe-Convenience Stores Rice Milk-Europe-Other Distribution Channel
3.5.3 Rice Milk-Europe, By Geographies Rice Milk-France Rice Milk-United Kingdom Rice Milk-Germany Rice Milk-Italy Rice Milk-Spain
3.6 Soy Milk-Europe
3.6.1 Soy Milk-Europe, By MacroIndicators Soy Milk-Population Projection-Europe
3.6.2 Soy Milk-Europe, By SalesChannels Soy Milk-Europe-Hyper-markets & Supermarkets Soy Milk-Europe-Health food stores大豆牛奶 - 欧洲药房大豆牛奶 - 便利店 Soy Milk-Europe-Other Distribution Channel
3.6.3 Soy Milk-Europe, By Geographies Soy Milk-United Kingdom大豆牛奶 - 法国 Soy Milk-Germany Soy Milk-Italy Soy Milk-Spain

4 Dairy Alternative-Europe, By Geographies
4.1乳制品替代 - 英国
4.1.1乳制品替代 - 英国,由公司乳制品替代 - 英国 - 格鲁沃Leche Pascual S.A.
4.1.2乳制品替代 - 英国,由Macroindicators Dairy Alternative-Population Projection-United Kingdom
4.1.3乳制品替代 - 英国,按类型 Coconut Milk-United Kingdom米牛奶 - 英国 Almond Milk-United Kingdom Other Dairy Alternatives-United Kingdom Soy Milk-United Kingdom
4.2 Dairy Alternative-Spain
4.2.2 Dairy Alternative-Spain, By Types Other Dairy Alternatives-Spain椰子牛奶 - 西班牙 Rice Milk-Spain Almond Milk-Spain Soy Milk-Spain
4.3 Dairy Alternative-Germany
4.3.1 Dairy Alternative-Germany, By MacroIndicators Dairy Alternative-Population Projection-Germany
4.3.2 Dairy Alternative-Germany, By Types椰奶 - 德国米牛奶德国杏仁牛奶 - 德国其他乳制品 - 德国大豆牛奶德国
4.4 Dairy Alternative-France
4.4.1 Dairy Alternative-France, By MacroIndicators Dairy Alternative-Population Projection-France
4.4.2 Dairy Alternative-France, By Types杏仁牛奶 - 法国 Rice Milk-France椰子牛奶 - 法国其他乳制品替代品 - 法国大豆牛奶 - 法国
4.5 Dairy Alternative-Italy
4.5.1乳制品替代 - 意大利,由Macroindicators Dairy Alternative-Population Projection-Italy
4.5.2 Dairy Alternative-Italy, By Types Other Dairy Alternatives-Italy Coconut Milk-Italy Rice Milk-Italy Almond Milk-Italy Soy Milk-Italy

5 Dairy Alternative-Europe, By Companies
5.2乳制品替代 - 英国由公司
5.1 Dairy Alternative-Spain by Companies
5.1 Dairy Alternative-Germany by Companies
5.1 Dairy Alternative-France by Companies
5.1 Dairy Alternative-Italy by Companies
5.2乳品替代欧洲 - 蓝色钻石种植者公司
5.3 Dairy Alternative-Europe-Hain Celestial Grocery
5.4 Dairy Alternative-Europe-Others(Company)
5.5 Dairy Alternative-Europe-The WhiteWave Foods Company
5.6乳制品Alternative-Europe-Earth的食品广告样稿any inc.
5.7 Dairy Alternative-Europe-SunOpta Foods
5.8 Dairy Alternative-Grupo Leche Pascual S.A.-Europe

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