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Aviation Test Equipment are devices that are used by manufacturers of various components designed for aviation services and products. The European market is one of the biggest markets for Aviation Test Equipment. It is also one of the most diverse markets when compared to the rest of the world. The Aviation Test Equipment market in Europe is currently estimated at $1.44 million, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.60% to $1.78 million by 2020.

The purpose of this report is to identify various applications, technologies involved, usage patterns, and different products under the European aviation test equipment market. It involves an in-depth analysis of the market segmentation which comprises technology, type, product, application and end user.

The European aviation test equipment market is segmented on the basis of products and application. The product market is segmented into electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and power test equipment, while the application market is segmented into military and commercial use segments.

The report also covers leading competitors in the European aviation test equipment market. Apart from the general overview of the companies, the report also provides financial analysis, products, services, and key developments of major players in the industry.

The key players in the industry and markets are identified through extensive secondary research. Companies operating in this market are UTC Aerospace Systems, Rockwell Collins, Honeywell International, GE Aviation, Airbus, Boeing, 3M, MOOG, Rolls Royce, and Teradyne.





  • Financials
  • Orders/Deliveries/Backlog Data
  • Macro Indicator Data
  • M&A Data
  • Budget and Defense Program Information


  • In-depth analysis of the company’s product portfolio
  • Competitive landscape (revenue, operating margin, marginal cost, P/E ratio, EPS)
  • Ratio analysis


This covers market sizing/mapping, global footprint, operation and financials information, and the competitive landscape. The MMM offering will cover a detailed market study of the points mentioned below:

  • 电气
  • Hydraulic
  • 气动
  • Power


  • 产品和技术进步/最新创新与发展
  • 需求和供应分析
  • 市场合并(并购,合资企业,剥离和分拆)
  • 空中交通数据
  • 出口/导入数据(航空航天产品和零件)
  • Industrial production and capacity optimization data
  • Deliveries and orders

5.全球预测数字/万博手机版下载展望(Historical and Forecast by Year)

  • Aircraft Delivery (NB,WB, VLA, BGA)
  • 订单和积压(NB,WB,VLA,BGA)
  • Comparative Analysis (for example, Boeing vs. Airbus)
  • Milicas(Military Aircraft) and Helicas (Military Rotary Wing, i.e., Helicopter)


  • Time Series
  • Regression Analysis

7.DEFENSE PROGRAMS(By name, type, user, spending by year in $ million, prime contractor, program status, etc.)

  • Aircraft Program
  • Ground Vehicle Programs
  • Missile Programs
  • Naval Programs
  • Vehicle Programs


  • Impact of sequestration on defense programs
  • 由于预算削减,哪些程序受到影响
  • Impact on company’s overall revenue, operations, and profitability

1 Introduction
1.1 Key Take-Aways
1.3 Markets Covered
1.4 Stakeholders
1.5 Research Methodology


3.1 Introduction
3.2.1 By Segments
3.2.2 By Geographic Region
3.3 Market Definition
3.4 Market Dynamics
3.4.1 Drivers Increasing Trends Towards Software-Adaptable Solutions先进功能测试;DIRCM&Digital RF多武器平台的多用途测试系统可配置和可伸缩的测试仪 UAS Testers In Battlefield And National Airspace
3.4.2 Restraints遗留平台的维持 Diminutive Life Cycle Of Avionics Module
3.4.3 Opportunities New Standards And Synthetic Instrumentation Future Airborne Capability Environment Consortium更新遗留设备

4 Trend Analysis
4.1 Test Equipment Gaining Intelligence
4.2 ATE - Past, Present And In The Future

5 Europe Aviaiton Test Equipment Market
5.1 Europe ATE Spending
5.1.1 Europe Revenue Analysis
5.2 Europe Revenue Analysis, By Type Of Segments
5.2.1 ATE Revenue Forecast
5.2.2 Hydraulic ATE Revenue Forecast
5.2.3 Pneumatic ATE Revenue Forecast
5.2.4 Power ATE Revenue Forecast

6 Europe Revenue Analysis, By Geography
6.1 Europe ATE Market, Regional Analysis
6.1.1 Europe Aviation Test Equipment Revenue Forecast Europe Aviation Test Equipment Revenue Forecast, By Segments Of Test Equipment
6.2 Aviation Test Equipment Market, Country Analysis
6.2.1 United Kingdom Revenue Forecast United Kingdom Revenue Forecast, By Segments Of Test Equipment
6.2.2 France Revenue Forecast法国收入预测,按测试设备的段万博手机版下载
6.2.3 Germany Revenue Forecast德国收入预测,按测试设备的段万博手机版下载
6.2.4 Russia Revenue Forecast Russia Revenue Forecast, By Segments Of Test Equipment
6.2.5土耳其收入预测万博手机版下载 Turkey Revenue Forecast, By Segments Of Test Equipment

7 Competitive Landscape
7.1 Overview
7.3 Market Share Analysis, By Country
7.4 Industry Key Players
7.5 Recent Industry Develeopments
7.5.1 New Product Developments & Announcements
7.5.2 Contacts And Agreements
7.5.3 Acquisitions, Collaborations, And Joint Ventures
7.5.4 Awards And Others

8 Europe- Company Profiles
8.1欧洲 - 霍尼韦尔国际公司
8.1.1 Overview
8.1.2 Products & Services
8.1.4 Developments
8.2.1 Overview
8.2.2 Products & Services
8.2.3 Strategy
8.2.4 Developments
8.3 Europe- Airbus
8.3.1 Overview
8.3.2 Products & Services
8.3.3 Strategy & Insights
8.3.4 Developments
8.3.5 Strengths
8.4 Europe- Rockwell Collins
8.4.2 Products & Services
8.4.3 Strategy & Insights
8.4.4 Developments
8.5 Europe- General Electric Co
8.5.1 Introduction
8.5.3 Strategies & Insights
8.5.4 Developments
8.6 Europe- 3M
8.6.1 Introduction
8.6.2 Products & Services
8.6.3 Strategies & Insights
8.6.4 Developments
8.7 Europe- Moog, Inc
8.7.1 Overview
8.7.2 Products And Services
8.7.3 Strategy
8.7.4 Developments
8.8 Europe- Rolls Royce Holdings Plc
8.8.1 Introduction
8.8.2 Products & Services
8.8.4 Developments
8.9 Europe- Teradyne Inc.
8.9.2 Products & Services
8.9.3 Strategies & Insights
8.9.4 Developments

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