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Global FGD Systems Market By End-User (Power Generation, Chemical, Iron & Steel, Cement Manufacturing, and Others) & Geography (Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, South America, Middle East & Africa) - Forecast to 2021

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Table of Contents
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Some of the by-products generated during the flue gas treatment process include gypsum, fly ash, and ammonium sulfate. There is a high demand for these by-products from various industries, including, construction and agriculture industry among others.


This study basically aims to estimate the global market for FGD systems for 2016 and to estimate its projected demand by 2021. This market research study provides a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the global FGD systems market. We have used various secondary sources such as encyclopedias, directories, industry journals, and databases to identify and collect information useful for this extensive commercial study of the global FGD systems market. Primary sources – experts from related industries and suppliers - have been interviewed to obtain and verify critical information as well as to assess the future prospects of the global FGD systems market.

顶级球员的gl竞争场景obal FGD systems market have been discussed in detail. Major companies in this market adopted strategies such as contracts & agreements to increase their product portfolio, market share, and global reach. Gradually, the old generation FGD systems are being replaced by the new generation wet, dry & semi-dry FGD systems. Most of the larger firms in the industry are focusing on new contracts to strengthen their market share. A total of sixteen new contracts were undertaken during the period under study.

Scope of the report:

This research report categorizes the global market for FGD systems on the basis of end-user, type, and geography along with the forecast of values, and an analysis of trends in each market.

On the basis of end-user:

  • Power Generation
  • 化学
  • Iron & Steel
  • 水泥制造
  • Others



  • 亚太
  • North America
  • Europe
  • 南美洲
  • Middle East & Africa

Table of Contents

1 Introduction

1.1 Objectives of the Study

1.2 Market Definition

1.3 Scope of the Study

1.3.1 Regional Scope

1.3.2 Markets Covered

1.3.3 Years Considered in the Report

1.4 Currency & Pricing


2 Research Methodology


2.1.1 Key Data from Secondary Sources

2.1.2 Key Data from Primary Sources Key Industry Insights

2.2 Market Size Estimation


2.4 Assumptions

2.5 Limitations

3 Executive Summary



4.1 FGD系统市场的重要机会

4.2 FGD Systems Market, By Type

4.3 FGD Systems Market, By End-User

4.4 FGD系统市场,按地区




5.1.2 Restraints


5.1.4 Challenges

6 Emission Control Regulations

6.1 Introduction

6.1.1 North America

6.1.2 Europe

6.1.3 Asia-Pacific


7 FGD Systems Market, By Type

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Comparison between Wet FGD Systems, And Dry & Semi-Dry FGD Systems



7.4 Dry & Semi-Dry FGD Systems


8 FGD Systems Market, By End User

8.1 Introduction



8.3 Chemical

8.2.1 Chemical Industries FGD Systems Market, By Region, 2016-2021 (USD Million)

8.4 Iron & Steel



8.5.1 Cement Manufacturing FGD Systems Market, By Region, 2016-2021 (USD Million)

8.6 Others


9 FGD Systems Market, By Region

9.1 Introduction

9.2 North America

9.2.1 U.S.

9.2.2 Canada

9.2.3 Mexico

9.3 Europe

9.3.1 Germany

9.3.2 U.K.


9.3.4 Rest of Europe

9.4 Asia-Pacific

9.4.1 China

9.4.2 Japan

9.4.3 India

9.4.4 Rest of Asia-Pacific


9.5.1 Brazil

9.5.2 Argentina

9.5.3 Chile

9.5.4 Rest of South America


9.6.1 UAE

9.6.2 Saudi Arabia

9.6.3 Kuwait


10 Competitive Landscape


10.2 Competitive Situations and Trends


10.3.1 New Contracts


10.3.3 New Product Developments

10.3.4 Joint Ventures & Acquisitions, 2012–2016



11.2 Alstom SA




11.2.4 SWOT Analysis

11.2.5 mmm视图

11.3 Babcock & Wilcox Company

11.3.1 Business Overview

11.3.2 Products & Services Offered

11.3.3 Recent Developments

11.3.4 SWOT Analysis

11.3.5 mmm视图

11.4 Siemens Ag

11.4.1 Business Overview

11.4.2 Products & Services Offered

11.4.3 Recent Developments

11.4.4 SWOT分析

11.4.5 MMM View

11.5 Flsmidth & Co. A/S

11.5.1 Business Overview

11.5.2 Products & Services Offered

11.5.3 SWOT Analysis

11.5.4 Recent Developments

11.5.5 MMM View

11.6 Hamon Corporation

11.6.1 Business Overview

11.6.2 Products & Services Offered


11.6.4 SWOT Analysis

11.6.5 MMM View

11.7 Clyde Bergemann Power Group International Ltd.

11.7.1 Business Overview


11.7.3 Recent Developments

11.8 Burns&McDonnell Inc.

11.8.1 Business Overview


11.8.3 Recent Developments

11.9 Marsulex Environmental Technologies

11.9.1 Business Overview


11.9.3 Recent Developments


11.10.1 Business Overview

11.10.2 Products & Services Offered


11.10.4 SWOT Analysis

11.10.5 MMM View

11.11 Thermax Ltd.

11.11.1 Business Overview

11.11.2 Products & Services Offered

11.11.3 Recent Developments

11.11.4 MMM View


12 Appendix

12.1 Discussion Guide

12.2 Available Customizations

12.3 Related Reports


Global FGD Systems Market By End-User (Power Generation, Chemical, Iron & Steel, Cement Manufacturing, and Others) & Geography (Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe, South America, Middle East & Africa) - Forecast to 2021


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